Stoney-Trail Ring Road


BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. has been contracted to construct pile foundations for both abutments and grade beams of the new North-bound and South-bound bridges of Stoney-Trail crossing Scenic Acres Link NW in Calgary.

The scope of work included supply and installation of 52 drilled and partially cased piles of cast-in concrete. All piles were belled (under-reamed) as per engineering design.
Soil consisted mostly of clay and till. These ground conditions on site were found to be ideal for belled  pile design since belled piles can be an economical way to enlarge the end area of a pile (bottom). Enlarged pile bottoms will result in higher bearing capacity. This minimizes costs because belled piles can normally be kept shorter than their straight shaft counterparts and so concumeless materials such as concrete and steel.

On this project piles were used with a diameter of 800 and 1,200 mm. The bell sizes were 1,650, 2,550 and 3,000 mm diameter.
Bauer completed the work in less than 10 days including placing of concrete complete with heavy vertical steel reinforcement cages.