BMO Centre Expansion Project (Pile Load Test)

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

In 2020 BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. has been engaged by PCL Construction Management Inc. to provide static load testing services for the BMO Centre Expansion project in Calgary, Alberta. The load testing program was used to verify the shaft friction and end bearing parameters in the site sedimentary bedrock.

A static axial compressive load test was performed on a drilled, cast-in-place rock socket concrete pile at the site. The testing procedure followed the requirements of ASTM D1143-07 (2013) Standard Test Methods for Deep Foundations under Static Axial Compressive Loads. Loading followed Procedure A: Quick Test, with load increments of 5% of the expected ultimate capacity of 7,000kN.

Bauer was responsible for the supply and installation of 4 reaction piles and rock anchors in addition to one (1) test pile 520mm diameter and 11m embedment. The piles had to be equipped with rebar cages.

Bauer appointed RightSix Consulting (R6) as third party to design and execute the pile load test. For this test pile, 0.9m permanent casing and 0.5” wall thickness of the test pile head were considered. The test was performed as directed by TetraTech, to project geotechnical consultant and to the limits of the loading and reaction system. The project was concluded when a final report including all test generated data was submitted to the client.