CX Grandin

Edmonton, AB

In 2019 BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. was contracted by ITC Construction Ltd to design, supply and install a temporary shoring system, for a new residential project called CX Grandin Tower, located in North-West Edmonton, AB.


BAUER Foundations scope of work involved the construction of a soldier pile and timber lagging temporary shoring wall. 84 x 880mm diameter piles were drilled to depths of between 11m to 12m and the retained height of the shoring wall varied between 8.5m and 9.5m.


66 x 15m long temporary tie back anchors were installed to provide horizontal support for the shoring system. To prevent interference with existing utilities, the BAUER Foundations design allowed for a modified angle of installation. The perimeter of the temporary shoring wall was 206m with 1,885m2 of visible lagging area installed.


A BAUER BG 28 rotary drill rig and a Klemm anchor drill rig were mobilized to site to perform the pile and anchor work respectively


The soil profile for this area consisted of 1m of sandy gravel, followed by a 6m thick layer of stiff clay, 1m of silt and clay till below. The groundwater level was found to be at around 10m below grade.


The project was completed safely, ahead of schedule and met specification and quality targets.