Calgary Parking Authority Impound Parkade


BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. was contracted in 2020 by PCL Construction Management Inc. to construct the foundation piles for the new parkade structure at the Calgary Parking Authority Impound Lot. One BAUER BG28 was mobilized to install the consisting of 112 No. piles of 480mm diameter, using the Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) method. The soil profile of the site consisted of 12-14m of gravel and silty sand, with underlying weak bedrock. In some areas of the site, layers of clay were present around 10m below grade. This project was the first CFA project for BFCA in approximately 8 years. Concrete oversupply was an issue throughout the project, due to the available size of concrete pump. However, the project was completed on time, with no major safety incidents and the crew got very valuable experience with this method.