Chinook Care Centre

Calgary, AB

In 2019 BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. was contracted by Clark Builders to design, supply and install a shoring system and foundation piles. The new facility by Intercare Corporate Group Inc. will provide health and life enrichment services in the field of continuing care for the elderly. 


The site presented various access and space constraints due to an existing foundation wall and footings. As a result, the BAUER design team recommended a hybrid shoring solution consisting of soldier pile/timber lagging and a secant pile wall. The secant pile shoring wall had a secondary function to serve as permanent foundation piles for the new building.


The soil profile for this area consisted of a 2m layer of silt, underlain by 3m of clay-till, 2m of silt, and a siltstone bedrock.


The temporary shoring system consisted of 41 soldier piles with timber lagging ranging in diameter from 50-880mm and installed to depths of 8-12m. The permanent secant pile shoring wall consisted of 40, 880mm diameter piles installed to depths of 5-12m. The overall retained height of the shoring system ranged from 4 to 6m.


In addition,147 foundation piles with diameters of 520 and 780mm were drilled to depths of 4-11m. Groundwater was at a depth of 4m below grade which required concrete to be poured using the tremie method.


A BAUER BG18 rotary drill rig was mobilized to the site to perform the piling works.