East Bowmont

Calgary, AB

BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. was contracted in December of 2016 by Wilco to construct a permanent secant pile wall for a stormwater sewer diver-sion vault and bearing piles for a new pedestrian bridge. The project was located at East Bowmont Park, next to the Bow river in Calgary, Alberta.

This was the first permanent secant pile wall constructed for the City of Calgary. The final design was jointly developed by the City of Calgary, BAUER Foundations and Wilco. The design was found to be the most suitable for this project due to limited available space for the construction of a shoring system.

For the secant pile wall, BAUER Foundations utilized one BAUER BG18 drill rig to install the permanent rock socketed bored piles to a maximum depth of 8.5m. In addition, 4 x 780mm diameter rock socketed bearing piles were in-stalled to depths of around 12m for the new pedestrian bridge.

The soil conditions consisted of 3m of sand underlain by a 2m thick layer of gravel. Bedrock was encountered at 5m below grade. Due to the site's prox-imity to the Bow River, groundwater levels were only 3m below the surface. This required that the majority of piles be poured with concrete using the Tremie method.

The project was completed safely and on time to the satisfaction of the Client.