Front Street Medical

Calgary, Canada

BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. was contracted by Bird Construction to design and construct a temporary shoring wall located in southeast Calgary, across Front Street from the new South Health Campus. The shoring wall consisted of 80 steel soldier piles set into bored holes, 76 tieback anchors and 1,750 m² of wood lagging.
A BAUER BG 28 rotary drill rig was used to drill the bored holes and a Klemm drilling rig was used for the anchors. Soil conditions were 2 m of clay underlain by dry, unstable sand. Full-length temporary  casings were required to prevent the sand from sloughing into the boreholes. Bauer segmental casing was 880 mm diameter to a depth of 12 m.

After completion of soldier pile installation, the excavation proceeded in shallow increments to allow the installation of 75 mm thick wood lagging between the soldier piles. One row of tieback anchors of 15 m length were installed to prevent lateral movement of the shoring wall.