Mammoth Studios

Burnaby, BC

BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. was contracted in 2019 by Norland Limited to construct a temporary and partially permanent secant pile wall for the Mammoth Studios New Sound Stages project in Burnaby, BC.

BAUER utilized one BAUER BG28 rotary drill rig to install 67 x 600mm & 157 x 880mm diameter piles, ranging in depth from 4.4m to 9.3m.

The soil conditions were sand and gravel up to a depth of 3.5m, underlain by a 2m thick layer of dense silty sand. Beyond this layer was a very dense till like silty sand stratum. The groundwater level was found at 3.5m below grade.

Due to the limited available area for performing the piling operation, a berm was constructed. This was designed to provide adequate working space and support for the BAUER piling rigs. In addition, the piles were to be installed approximately 4m away from a large diameter storm sewer pipe. These factors combined, meant that the use of a relatively low footprint BAUER BG28 rig was required. Coordination with the excavation company was also critical for the successful completion of the project.

Despite the unique challenges involved, the project was completed safely, within specifications and quality targets, and to the satisfaction of the Client.