New Calgary Cancer Centre (NCCC)

Calgary, Canada

When it is completed, the New Calgary Cancer Centre will be a 127,000 m2, $ 1.4 bn state-of- the-art facility providing leading edge cancer care to Albertans. It is one of the largest ongoing government infrastructure projects in Alberta. Furthermore, it will be the second largest cancer treatment and research facility in North America.


BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. was contracted in 2017 by PCL Construction Management Inc. to design and install a temporary shoring system with timber lagging retaining up to 18 m of soil. This summarizes to a total exposed surface area of 12,000 m2 which was the largest shoring project in Alberta at the time of its construction.


A total of 1,039 grouted tie-back anchors were installed to an average of 16 m length to provide adequate horizontal support to the system. In addition to the shoring system, 90 foundation piles of up to 1,650 mm diameter with 4,500 mm belled diameter were installed up to depths of 25 m from within the excavation pit.


Soil conditions were 8 to 14 m of silty clay and silt, underlain by clay till. In some cases, full- length temporary casings were required to prevent the silt from sloughing into the bores.

BAUER Foundations Canada utilized two BAUER BG 28 rotary drill rigs to install the soldier piles as well as the foundation piles. Three anchor drilling rigs were mobilized for the installation of the tie-back anchors.