Nexen Long Lake

Fort McMurray, Canada

In 2013 BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. was contracted by North America Construction (NAC) to construct 75 CFA foundation piles for the Nexen Long Lake upgrader. The Nexen Long Lake oil sands upgrader is an in-situ oil extraction project 40 km southeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta.


The soil profile consisted mainly of stiff clays with moist sands at the lower depths. One BAUER BG 28 rig with a kelly extension was used. Concrete was pumped with an external concrete boom pump.


CFA piles were 457mm and 610mm in diameter, 16m to 20m in length, and were designed as friction piles. Typical pile reinforcement was 7m in length. All cages were welded and a central bar was also installed on every pile. Cages were installed with the auxiliary winch of the BG 28. Piles were successfully installed at temperatures as low as -15 °C.


The project was completed within schedule regardless of harsh weather conditions.