Pier West Jet Grouting Works

Vancouver, Canada

Pier West is a modern architectural landmark for Metro Vancouver and the tallest residential property in the Lower Mainland.


The considered steel combi-wall constructed by a third company was intended to seal off the excavation pit.

However, due to difficult ground conditions the O-pile wall consisting of mainly large diameter steel tubes could not reach the designed depth. As the site is located next to the Fraser river, a significant amount of water (more than 10,000 gpm) were flowing in from beneath the wall into the site.


This is where BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. came into play, contracted in 2020 by BOSA Development to seal off the bottom of the installed combi-wall. Bauer proposed and constructed two rows of overlapping jet grout columns to

seal the combi-wall with the native glacial till aiming to provide a water barrier.


The works were executed with three jet grout units, one KLEMM KR 720 and two Bauer drilling rigs (BG 18 and BG 30). More than 400 jet grout columns having a diameter of 1.4 m were installed. The upper jet grout row included columns with a drilling depth of 17.5 m and jetting length of 9.5 m. The lower jet grout row has columns with a drilling depth of 36 m and a jetting length of 30 m. Inclinometer chains were used to control the verticality of the jet grout drilling activities. As well, Bauer conducted core testing and installed monitoring wells.