Shagannapi Pump Station

Calgary, AB

BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. was contracted by Graham Construction Ltd to design, supply and install a shoring system consisting of soldier piles and timber lagging, for the Shagannapi pump station in Calgary, Alberta

The existing 40-year old pump station had reached its end of life and needed to be replaced. The pumping and electrical equipment was obsolete so the station could no longer be effectively maintained.

A BAUER BG28 rotary drill rig was mobilized to the site to perform the piling works.

The temporary shoring system consisted of a timber lagging wall with 64 x 750mm diameter soldier piles, drilled to a depth of 9m. The wall had a retained height of 4.8m with an exposed surface area of 665m2.

The soil profile for this area consisted of gravel for the first 4m, underlain by claystone/sandstone. The groundwater level was located at 6m below grade.

Framed cut-outs were incorporated into the timber lagging wall to allow utility pipes to be installed for the new pump station. BAUER Foundations had to pay close attention to the spacing lay out for the soldier piles to avoid conflicts with the utility pipes.

The project was completed safely, on schedule, within specifications and qual-ity targets, and to the overall satisfaction of the Client.