Shell Albian Sands - Jack Pine Mine - Muskreg River Mine

Fort McMurray, Canada

Shell Canada Energy retained BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. to construct 327 piles for the Shell Recovery Compliance 1 project located at Muskeg River Mine, 70 km NE of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. The project was to comply with regulatory requirements which had to be completed before allowing further Mine expansion.

Pile sizes were 500 mm, 600 mm, 750 mm, 90 0mm and 1,200 mm diameter and of various lengths up to 20 m. Typical soil conditions encountered on site: fill underlain by compact sand, silt and clay, underlain by very dense oilsand of the McMurray Formation.

There were many challenges to be met; stringent safety expectations by client with a “goal zero” target, tight production schedule and working within a live plant with live utilities above and below ground. Bauer Foundations Canada also had to manage (and coordinate site access for) 15 subcontractors, suppliers and other stakeholders. To meet these challenges, Bauer Foundations Canada conducted comprehensive training for all employees prior to mobilizing.

In-depth procedures to address site risks were implemented for every pile. These procedures were continuously reviewed and updated, and most pile locations were day-lighted using hydrovac equipment to ensure no conflicts with utilities. Additional safety measures were implemented for piles within 1 m of a live utility.

Work was carried out by three crews alternating on 14/7 rotations enabling two BG 28 rigs to work continuously.

Bauer Foundations Canada achieved all safety, quality and schedule targets and earned official citation by the Shell/Fluor management team for meeting and exceeding expectations.