Sunnyside Pump Station


BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. was contracted in June 2019 by Pomerleau to supply and install a temporary secant pile cofferdam and permanent foun-dation piles for the new Sunnyside Storm Water Lift Station. The project is located by the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta.

This facility is one of several storm drainage infrastructure upgrades in the Sunnyside community to address localized flooding in the area.

The secant pile cofferdam consisted of 88 x 880mm diameter piles up to a depth of 15m. An internal bracing system was constructed and all piles were embedded into rock to a minimum of 1m. In addition, 14 x 620mm diameter foundation piles up to a depth of 12m were also installed

The soil profile for this area consisted of a 6m clay fill layer underlain by 4m of gravel. Bedrock of claystone, sandstone and siltstone was reached at around 10m below grade.

The project was completed safely, on schedule, within specifications and quality targets.