The Elva Calgary

Alberta, Canada

Situated one block from the Elbow River, The Elva Apartment Complex is a 5-storey apartment complex that will contain 61 units upon completion, and be an elevated and sophisticated housing edition to Calgary, Alberta. BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. was contracted in 2020 by Centron Real Estate Development & Construction to install a temporary shoring wall for this new residential apartment building. The Bauer team was responsible for design, procurement, and installation of reinforced and unreinforced secant piles and tieback anchors. Based on experience in the area and the expected soil conditions Bauer provided an economized design and executed the drilling works utilizing one BG 40 and KLEMM 806 drilling rigs. As well, Bauer was responsible for the installation of a 132 lin.m guide wall. Bauer constructed 184 nos x 880 mm dia. piles to an average depth of 10 m and 21 nos x 152 mm dia. tieback anchors to an average depth of 12 m.