Verve Condomniums

Calgary, Canada

BAUER Foundations Canada Inc. was contracted in 2016 by FRAM Building Group to install a temporary hybrid shoring system for a 25-story condominium block. The project was located in the East Village neighborhood of Calgary, Alberta.

The site was located close to the Bow River. Soil conditions were gravelly to depths of between 6 and 8m, underlain by a 1 to 2m thick layer of weathered rock, and a shale/siltstone bedrock. Groundwater was found at 3 to 4m below grade. Design and installation of 254m of secant pile wall with timber lagging. To secure the rock surface timber lagging was installed below the filler piles down to the final excavation level.
Timber lagging was also installed for the top 1.5m of excavation to help facilitate removal of the wide flange beams as per City of Calgary requirements. In comparison to a conventional secant pile design, this hybrid shoring system provided cost and schedule savings to the client.

Work was performed by two BAUER BG28 rotary drill rigs. Three rows of temporary tie back anchors were installed to provide lateral support for the shoring wall. Work was performed by a KLEMM tie back drilling rig from May to August 2016